Ascending Phoenix Prologue (Draft)

What Is up but Down

For me, stories are not just tales, but also questions. To commence the journey through words without question is proof of an ill-written fantasy and the absence of true meaning. As for me, I have went through mine, yet many questions are still left untouched. Let us begin my journey… our journey. To dive into a time before yours… to dive into a time of war and destruction.

I come from a land called Epscillar, it was a land of peace and euphoria. But those days ended 15 years before my eyes were shown to the colors of the beautiful yet bloodied world.

My mother, Vermillion Rose, was a dark red pegasus with a terrible temper and striking white mane that I inherited. She was harsh and wanted me to become a respected and feared pegasus ever since my hooves have touched the ground and my wings touched the sky. Through her, I learned the dangers and hate that pervaded throughout Epscillar. Although she appears to be tough and unforgiving on the outside, she has a soft spot for my father, Misty Abyss. He was a well respected sky blue stallion for his kindness and understanding. But the time for those were gone, and everpony was sucked into the madness of the war against Loryan and Hefria. However, I lived in relative peace with my parents for a couple of years.

On fateful day, four unicorns knocked on the door of our house. My dad went to greet them with hospitality, but was met with a spear at his throat. I could hear from my room that the unicorns were looking for me, and wanted my dad to cooperated and send me away with them. Then, I heard a loud thump subsequent to my father’s words of denial. The sound of hooves against wood followed. As the resounding sound of the hooves striking ground grew louder, the world blurred more and more around me and time slowed down. Tears of grief and disbelief splashed on the ground that I now lay on. The sound of my mother’s voice instantly buried the overwhelming feeling of sorrow. Through the door, I could hear the muffled voice of her, questioning why the unicorns had killed Misty Abyss. I heard her say that his death was not necessary. The mysterious figures responded with a nonchalant tone that gave way to the lack of feelings they posses. As the conversation continued, I became more and more baffled with the situation. There was a pause, then a loud crash as the door to my room was flung to the opposite wall. The four unicorns trotted in and casted a spell that took away my vision and voice temporarily. But my hearing remained for a brief moment, if it was only meant for me to hear the scream of my mother, as they slaughtered her. I tried to scream but the futile attempt only resulted in a fit of cough. Darkness fell over my mind and I was taken away. Away from everything that was known to me. Away from my family. Away from myself.

So this is how my story began…

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