Ascending Phoenix Summary (Draft)

Phoenix was an ordinary pegasus living in Epscillar, until the day her father died. On that fateful day, her mother forced her to join covert operation and intended for her to become a mass killer. At the laboratory, she was experimented on and subjected to extreme amounts of magic. As years passed by, she was infused with many powerful magic meant for destruction. After a near death experience, Phoenix realized that she must discover the true intent of her insane captors. As she began to unearth more and more gruesome information, she escaped. Her captors were not amused by this act of defiance and sent powerful ponies after her to either capture or kill her. Of course, most of the ponies didn’t care about her health. They chased Phoenix continually, not relenting. She will face dangerous foes and crucial ponies. To survive, Phoenix must learn how to fight and make friends along the way.


(Note: This is a first revision. All information is subject to change. Mistakes will be fixed later)

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