Ascending Phoenix Prologue (Draft)

What Is up but Down

For me, stories are not just tales, but also questions. To commence the journey through words without question is proof of an ill-written fantasy and the absence of true meaning. As for me, I have went through mine, yet many questions are still left untouched. Let us begin my journey… our journey. To dive into a time before yours… to dive into a time of war and destruction.

I come from a land called Epscillar, it was a land of peace and euphoria. But those days ended 15 years before my eyes were shown to the colors of the beautiful yet bloodied world.

My mother, Vermillion Rose, was a dark red pegasus with a terrible temper and striking white mane that I inherited. She was harsh and wanted me to become a respected and feared pegasus ever since my hooves have touched the ground and my wings touched the sky. Through her, I learned the dangers and hate that pervaded throughout Epscillar. Although she appears to be tough and unforgiving on the outside, she has a soft spot for my father, Misty Abyss. He was a well respected sky blue stallion for his kindness and understanding. But the time for those were gone, and everpony was sucked into the madness of the war against Loryan and Hefria. However, I lived in relative peace with my parents for a couple of years.

On fateful day, four unicorns knocked on the door of our house. My dad went to greet them with hospitality, but was met with a spear at his throat. I could hear from my room that the unicorns were looking for me, and wanted my dad to cooperated and send me away with them. Then, I heard a loud thump subsequent to my father’s words of denial. The sound of hooves against wood followed. As the resounding sound of the hooves striking ground grew louder, the world blurred more and more around me and time slowed down. Tears of grief and disbelief splashed on the ground that I now lay on. The sound of my mother’s voice instantly buried the overwhelming feeling of sorrow. Through the door, I could hear the muffled voice of her, questioning why the unicorns had killed Misty Abyss. I heard her say that his death was not necessary. The mysterious figures responded with a nonchalant tone that gave way to the lack of feelings they posses. As the conversation continued, I became more and more baffled with the situation. There was a pause, then a loud crash as the door to my room was flung to the opposite wall. The four unicorns trotted in and casted a spell that took away my vision and voice temporarily. But my hearing remained for a brief moment, if it was only meant for me to hear the scream of my mother, as they slaughtered her. I tried to scream but the futile attempt only resulted in a fit of cough. Darkness fell over my mind and I was taken away. Away from everything that was known to me. Away from my family. Away from myself.

So this is how my story began…

Ascending Phoenix Intro (Draft)

In a land not too far away from Equestria, there was war, grief, and destruction…

There lived disjointed ponies who fell into their endless abyss of hate, anger, and greed. When money wasn’t enough, they looked toward their neighbor’s land with lustful eyes. Before long, ponies were at war with each other. The nations were steadily experimenting with new harbingers of destruction. Deranged ponies began engaging in covert projects that involved trials with ponies. Their laboratories and experiments never saw the light of day… until about over 100 years ago.

Ascending Phoenix

Ascending Phoenix Summary (Draft)

Phoenix was an ordinary pegasus living in Epscillar, until the day her father died. On that fateful day, her mother forced her to join covert operation and intended for her to become a mass killer. At the laboratory, she was experimented on and subjected to extreme amounts of magic. As years passed by, she was infused with many powerful magic meant for destruction. After a near death experience, Phoenix realized that she must discover the true intent of her insane captors. As she began to unearth more and more gruesome information, she escaped. Her captors were not amused by this act of defiance and sent powerful ponies after her to either capture or kill her. Of course, most of the ponies didn’t care about her health. They chased Phoenix continually, not relenting. She will face dangerous foes and crucial ponies. To survive, Phoenix must learn how to fight and make friends along the way.


(Note: This is a first revision. All information is subject to change. Mistakes will be fixed later)

Ascending Phoenix (OC)


Beware, everything below is according to legends and rumors and may not all be true:

Ascending Phoenix, otherwise known as Phoenix is a Pegasus pony. She is over 120 years old and shows no signs of aging because of the magic imbued in her. Phoenix comes from a far away land called Epscillar. She was born as a normal blue and white Pegasus. But was later taken into a secret program for magic testing at the age of 4. The compound she was prisoned in held many insane and ambitious wizards. Subjects there were subjected to extreme amounts of magic. Phoenix was targeted by imbuing spells that resulted in a phoenix, dragon, and leviathan’s magic being imbued within her. One day, she was secretly taken into a lab room with one of the crazier wizards. He tried to imbue her with greater phoenix magic that has ever been applied to a pony. Luckily, his colleagues heard the ringing of the magic and stopped him from destroying her. But she had not escaped without a scar. Her right eye was altered, so she can now see hidden magic waves and can perceive movements faster. She was held captive there until she was 17 years old. After learning that she was made to be a weapon of war, she broke free of her captors and escaped. For 13 years, she has been wandering the lands with her captors at her heels, trying to catch her. Throughout this time, she was constantly attacked by her captor’s cursed crystals. She has suffered many wounds because of those crystals. On one day, she took a close look at the crystal with her right eye. She noticed that the crystal had a very dark aura to it. Phoenix tried many spells with her magical abilities to destroy the crystal but it stayed intact. During that night, the crystal seemed to whisper to her, and Phoenix crept closer as she was intrigued. The dark magic suddenly surged upwards towards her. She could not dodge at such a close range and was instantly hit. The dark crystal magic gave her a crystal shield 0n her hooves. They also gave her the ability to summon crystals to attack or defend. But it drained her magic slowly and constantly when she summoned those crystals. And she felt stabbing pain from them once in a while. She later escaped into a town called Fraye. Phoenix thought she was safe there, but was attacked by 20 magic wielding ponies later that week. They ambushed her when she exited her cave located next to the town. They trapped her in a shell of dark crystal, but she shattered it with her newfound crystal magic. She then blew flame at 3 wizards before they had the time to react. The rest blocked her flame breath with magic shields. They then launched magic laser beams at her. She deflected by summoning a water shield that absorbed most of the energy. With an impossible speed, she flew up and dove at one of the wizards. Her wings blazed into fire and she slammed into him, sending him flying across the forest. The remaining 16 wizards turned around in astonishment. They tried to freeze her with a spell but they could not aim accurately enough because of her speed. One by one, they were taken out by the red and blue blaze until there were only 3 left. They all teleported away and escaped. Enraged, Phoenix launched a huge magical fireball at her cave and shattered the rocks and sent boulders flying. By the time she had calmed down, the town ponies had gathered around her. She apologized under their hateful and fearful gaze. Phoenix then left that town and journeyed around for 65 years. She was constantly attacked or ponies were constantly attempting to enslave her. Then she finally found peace in Ponyville. Although ponies were fearful of her bewildered appearance when she arrived, they grew to be more easy around her. She tries to be nice but is periodically haunted by the horrors that she has experienced. Today, she tries to hide her magically enhanced speed and powers to keep ponies from fearing her. Phoenix has befriended Rainbow Dash. She always let Rainbow win the races she has with her. Through Rainbow, she was introduced to the rest of the Mane 6.